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Latest News:

Project Update

Our next meeting is being held on Monday, October 3, 2016, at the high school at 5:00 PM.

Excellent progress is occurring on the high school building project site. Virtually all the interior cement floor is complete with the remaining concrete work focused on the main stairs in the common and seating area of the auditorium. Drywall work continues in the STEM building. The exterior masonry work continues with the majority of the brickwork complete on the first floor of the STEM and humanities wing while the porcelain panels are being installed on the second floor above the brickwork on the north side of the building.

FAQs – There have been a number of questions regarding the fly-loft area of the high school:

The fly-loft is in an area above the stage in the auditorium. This area is where sets used for performances are raised and lowered between scenes.The auditorium in the current high school does not have a fly-loft and the storage area behind the auditorium significantly limits the size/complexity of the sets that can be used for performances.The fly-loft also provides for enhanced lighting for the stage.

The yellow structure surrounding the fly-loft is a four-sided parapet wall which is designed to hide the blocky structure of the fly-loft. Named “the big cheese” by the students, it will not be yellow once complete – The workers began installing the gray metal panels over the parapet walls this past week.

This is a rendering of what the front of the building will look like:
Exterior Main Entrance Rendering

Questions on snow load and snow sliding down the fly-loft area onto the central common roof have also been asked. The parapet walls simply surround the fly-loft, if you took a bird’s eye view of the structure, you would still be able to see the fly-loft and the surrounding roof. Snow will simply fall in this area of the roof; there is not a sloped roof area for snow to accumulate and slide down.

Activities planned for the upcoming week include:

  • Continuing taping and sanding walls
  • Continue drywall in 1st floor STEM area and building B
  • Painting of mock-up room
  • Priming walls and door frames of 2nd floor STEM
  • Framing interior walls of building A
  • Mechanical rough continues in buildings A, B, and C
  • Installing windows
  • Installing curtain walls in the north D building
  • Continue metal panel prep work and panel installation
  • Masonry and porcelain panel installation continues on the exterior
  • Insulating and caulking windows and exterior jams in buildings B, C, and D
  • Placing/forming concrete stairs in auditorium and common area

View updated photos along with a layout detailing the five “Areas” of the building.

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