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Attention: Due to construction activities, athletic fields for different sports will be reallocated during the multiple phases of the project. View the updated Field Schedule [PDF] »

Latest News:

Project Update

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, February 6, 2017, at the high school at 5:00 PM. Agenda items will be included in a future update.

During the school committee meeting on January 9th, the committee voted to bring a warrant article to the upcoming Annual Town Meeting to add an artificial turf field to the high school building project. The article will be brought to a vote during the April/May 2017 Annual Town Meeting in all three member towns. It is the building committee’s intent that the funds to cover these items would come from cost savings realized during the current high school building project and would not have an additional impact on our member towns.

Excellent progress continues on the high school building project site. Concrete work is complete on the main stairs in the common area and seating area of the auditorium. Drywall work continues and is complete in many areas of the building. Painting of the classrooms and hallways is also underway with tile work in the hallways and flooring installation in the classrooms. The masonry work in the gym and locker rooms is almost complete.

The exterior masonry work continues with the majority of the brickwork complete – work continues on a few exterior columns. The installation of the metal panels is complete on parapet walls surrounding the fly-loft and surrounding the library/media center with trim and finish detail work on-going.

Work ongoing the week of January 23:

  • Complete masonry in building E locker rooms
  • Continue framing and MEP roughing in E building, gym and locker room
  • Complete framing and board kitchen soffit
  • Continue taping and sanding in building C and start E building
  • Continue priming and 1st coat decking beams/conduit at gym
  • Continue interior glazing in A building.
  • Complete frames and 1st coat walls in A building
  • Complete exterior AVB east elevation
  • MEP rough auditorium /A /E and C building and mechanical space
  • Continue prep installing VCT -IDF / MDF and electrical rooms
  • Unload balance of doors and install doors and hardware in D building
  • Installing lockers in D building
  • Continue installing marker and tack boards
  • Continue install elevator C building
  • Complete porcelain tile corridor in B-2 and start tile corridors in B-1
  • Prepping and installing VCT classrooms B-2
  • Continue glazing B high area /C
  • Continue ceiling grid in A and C building
  • Insulation MEP in all areas
  • Installing MEP finishes in D and B buildings
  • Installing ceiling grid in media center and A building
  • Installing sheetrock in commons area and auditorium
  • Glazing CW east elevation /installing storefronts in media center
  • Continue interior and exterior caulking
  • Installing science rooms/ continue install in B-2 and start B-1

View updated photos along with a layout detailing the five “Areas” of the building.

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