Project Update

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, April 10, 2017, at the high school at 5:00 PM. Agenda items include the following:

  • OPM Report
    1. Construction Progress Update
    2. Review Construction Project Schedule
    3. Review Project Budget
    4. Review and discuss Contractors Construction Change Orders
    5. Review and discuss Designers Contract Amendments
    6. Review and discuss OPM Contract Amendments
  • New Business
    1. General Discussion
    2. Other Business Not Reasonably Anticipated within 48 hours of Meeting

The turf field presentation from the March 23rd public forum is now available. View now »

Work ongoing the week of April 10:

  • Complete porcelain clips in south elevation
  • Installing exterior trim in east elevation
  • Complete finish paint in D building / installing base in D building
  • Complete prep and start finish paint in B/2
  • Working on tasks to complete classrooms in B building
  • Complete porcelain wall tile in stair # 2, start stair # 1
  • MEP rough in auditorium / mechanical space in C building
  • Install toilet accessories in student and staff bathrooms
  • Install VCT /rubber in band and chorus rooms
  • Complete MEP in locker rooms/ close and tape ceilings
  • Complete hanging clouds in vestibule / complete soffit and hang clouds in weight room
  • Complete ceiling grid in kitchen and server area
  • Place kitchen equipment and start connections
  • Complete ceiling tiles in B building on both floors
  • Complete OH work to complete list in A building / electrical inspections
  • Insulating MEP in all areas
  • Installing MEP finishes in B/ A and C buildings
  • Continue to install millwork clouds in auditorium / C building
  • Continue interior masonry /exterior masonry
  • Continue interior and exterior caulking
  • Exterior site work in north and west elevation
  • Install carpet tile in B and D buildings
  • Installing ceiling grid in weight room/corridors in E building
  • Startup balance of RTUs

View updated photos along with a layout detailing the five “Areas” of the building.