Committee Goals

In order for the committee to accomplish its mission, a set of goals have been established. The committee shall work to:

  • Enhance community outreach and proactively bring the process to the public and engage the community in every phase of the process.
  • Alternate meeting locations among the three towns to facilitate Town participation
  • Unite the three communities in the District with a plan that is viewed positively by each Town
  • Ensure operational and educational needs are met
  • Develop a plan that is financially sustainable and supported by the community
  • Assure that the plan has long‐range viability


Use all resources available to explore project options thoroughly, precisely detailing the pros and cons of each concept, in order to deliver the best project solution possible while keeping the community well informed.

  • Provide a variety of ways to inform the community and solicit (ask for) their feedback
  • Provide transparency for the entire process including costs, schedules, consistent factual information, etc.
  • Maximize budget and funding resources including promoting the benefits/cost savings of sustainable design
  • Result in an on‐schedule efficient design


Maximize the opportunity to provide the children of our communities with an outstanding learning environment that meets or exceeds the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) standards and delivers the vision of the NMRSD to the children for future generations.

  • Ensure that technology‐based curriculum opportunities will be supported by the building infrastructure
  • Facilitate portable student technology (1:1) and support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technologies
  • Provide flexible spaces so that the current curriculum can develop and provide for additional course options that includes sufficient space that facilitates student and staff collaboration


Enhance the Towns’ social infrastructure by incorporating public and academic spaces that could be used for public networking and community activities.

  • Obtain feedback from the stakeholders to build into this project the opportunity to make this a true community center – dual purpose space for the schools and community.
  • Public access to facilities on evenings and weekends should be provided with security measures in place to limit access to other areas of the building
  • Provides adequate parking and circulation
  • Provides a TV studio for community access


Create a safe, energy efficient, technologically adaptive design that facilitates the future needs of our students, staff and citizens.

  • Ensure that the building fits in with the Town’s appearance and architecture
  • Locate the TV studio adjacent to the Technology and Media classrooms to provide community access
  • Design a TV and technology friendly auditorium
  • Design a space that is secure and in which all spaces are secure and well monitored
  • Support technological upgrades in education
  • Provide sufficient bandwidth, outlets, and charging stations to support 1:1 and BYOD capability and sufficient outlets and charging stations throughout the school
  • Provide accessible gallery and demonstration spaces to display student work and demonstrate the accomplishments of NMRHS students
  • Provide private spaces for guidance and nursing areas for counseling/consultation
  • Plan for a Library/Media Center that accommodates both the current collection and the transition to media‐based literature
  • Provide well distributed storage


Develop a site plan that uses the space as effectively as possible, that considers traffic flow, parking, snow removal, sun exposure, exterior learning spaces (including classrooms and gardens) and adequate athletic fields and facilities.

  • Provide exterior learning spaces, including classrooms and gardens
  • Improve traffic conditions on the property and entry and exits by performing traffic studies
  • Coordinate design with the planned Rail Trail
  • Provide adequate athletic fields and facilities, with the ability to rest fields for re‐growth
  • Create an identifiable front door


Minimize the impact to learning for students and staff during construction, and provide a seamless transition upon project completion

  • Provide a variety of opportunities to involve the students throughout the process including design and construction
  • Protect the safety of all staff, student and visitors to the school during construction