Demolition FAQ

The old high school building will undergo hazardous material abatement prior to demolition of the building. Once abatement is complete, the building will be taken down and materials removed from the site. Below are some of the most frequently-asked questions we have received regarding demolition of the old high school building:

When will the building be torn down?
Demolition of the old high school has been completed, including abatement of asbestos and other hazardous materials and removal of all construction debris.

My kids want to watch the building come down, where can we watch?
Demolition of the building will not occur by explosion or “wrecking ball”. The contractor will use an excavator to slowly pick away at portions of the building, starting from one corner and working towards the other. This process is expected to take 4-6 weeks. Given the constraints of the site while demolition is occurring and for safety reasons, we ask that the public not congregate on school property in an attempt to watch the demolition of the building.

I am concerned about noise and air quality during demolition. How are you controlling these?
Nearby residents and businesses will be notified about upcoming demolition activities. All demolition will occur during the day and there will be noise from truck backup alarms as well as hydraulic hammers. Water will be sprayed during external demolition activities to control dust and extra air filters have been added on all air intakes to the new building as part of our indoor air quality plan.

Can I get a brick from the old building?
You could have, but there are no old bricks remaining. A pile of bricks was made available to the community until the summer of 2018.

Can I get a letter from the marquee on the exterior of the auditorium or the red sign over the main entrance?
Due to the nature of the demolition activities and possible material contamination, we do not expect to be able to make building materials available to the public.

I want my old locker, how can I get it?
Lockers are not available to be obtained by the public. Given the presence of asbestos in the building, it is not feasible to clean/abate these items to a point where they can be guaranteed safe for use in residences, etc.

What is being done with all of the old lights / lockers / chairs / ceiling tiles / windows / bricks / etc.?
As part of the LEED certification for the new high school, where possible, sustainable disposal and recycling practices are being used for the contents of the old high school. As an example, the desks in the old high school are being shipped to South America where they will be reused in developing area schools.

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