Feasibility Study

This is the first phase of a large school building project, and was conducted by SMMA. The Feasibility Study involved the collection of volumes of data, including detailed evaluation of existing building and site conditions, analysis of educational programming and needs, and establishment of goals and desired outcomes of the project. This phase involved: a full site survey with wetlands demarcation, a full building survey with collection of existing building plans, a hazardous materials survey, a traffic study, evaluation of other buildings in the District for possible high school use, a detailed analysis of our education program, including interviews with staff, students, administrators, and input from community members via several visioning sessions held in each community. Using the information, SMMA developed 9 solutions for the building committee to consider and evaluate, each with its own preliminary cost estimate, and list of pros and cons. The possible solutions fell into the categories of: renovate in place, partial renovation with addition, and new construction. Of the possible solutions, the SBC had to choose the top 3, and rank them, for submission to the MSBA. The result of this phase is the PSR, which is brought to the MSBA for review and, hopefully, approval.