Schematic Design

The schematic design (SD) phase of the project serves to develop the preferred solution (ie, new high school building) to approximately 25% of the design process. At the conclusion of SD, basic floor plans will have been developed, major systems determined, and site work defined. Decisions are made as to what items to include in the base project, what to make an alternate, and what items to remove from the project completely. Toward the end of SD, two detailed cost estimates are developed, one by the designer, SMMA, and one by the OPM, Heery. At the end of SD, the designer and the OPM work to prepare the program, plans, and estimate in the format required by MSBA. This document, known as the Project Scope and Budget, was submitted to the MSBA on December 12, 2013. This document will be reviewed by MSBA, and the process culminates with a meeting with the project team at MSBA on January 19, 2014. If the MSBA agrees, the successful outcome is an executed MSBA Project Scope and Budget Agreement. Once the Project Scope and Budget is approved by MSBA, the MSBA grant funding proportion will be known, and, applying that to the estimate, the financial impact to the towns can be calculated.

The following documents are from the schematic design phase of the high school building project and the various meetings held specifically to discuss this phase: