Meeting Calendar

Accelerated Repair Projects Committee
Apr 23 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

1.Call Meeting to Order

2.Approval of Past Meeting Minutes
a)April 2, 2019


4.Available for Committee review are accounts payable warrants dated 3/11/2019 for $215,471.00 and 3/22/2019 for $516,723.93. The warrants have been reviewed and signed by the warrant subcommittee.

5.OPM Report: Hawthorne Brook Middle School, Squannacook Early Childhood Center, and Varnum Brook Elementary School.
a)Review of Construction Project Schedule
b)Review Project Budget
c)Review Construction Design
d)Review Boiler Replacement

6.New Business
a)Construction Project Change Orders
b)General Discussion
c)Other Business Not Reasonably Anticipated within 48 Hours of Meeting

7.Future Meeting Date